Access 2019

Access creativity through yoga, meditation, and the mandala.


Access 2019


Our 14-day Hawaiian Island cruise offer an intoxicating mix of daily yoga, meditation mandala workshops and carefree cruising. Experience Ahava yoga with its originator Siri Shiva while you tap into your creativity through mandala creation and meditation with Sabrina Toston. You’ll venture to four dazzling islands — including a full day and late evening in Honolulu to see the sights and experience its famed nightlife. And there’s so much to do while you’re at sea, like enjoying live entertainment, world-class cuisine, island-inspired activities and endless ocean views — plus it’s all included in your cruise fare!

Why settle for seeing just one island on a Hawaii resort-based vacation when you can cruise in style and explore FOUR island jewels? Sailing with Princess is a far better vacation value, and you’ll visit the top-rated Hawaiian islands — Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island — without all the time-consuming hassle of island hopping by plane. From enriching Discovery and Animal Planet shore excursions to our immersive “Aloha Spirit” program onboard, you’ll discover each island’s unique charm — and fall in love with Hawaii’s enchanting beauty.

Sabrina Toston


Sabrina Toston works as a visual artist, passionate dancer, healer, meditation teacher and Life Coach. Founder of The Creative Mind Foundation and the Mandala Within series.


Mauna Loa, the largest mountain on the planet, soars above the bleak lava fields of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In the heart of the Big Island’s lush rainforest lies the remote and stunning Wai’po Valley (Valley of the Kings).


Mandala’s are sacred pieces of artwork which are used to evoke healing, spiritual development and meditation. The word Mandala means ‘sacred circle’ and is derived from the word ‘mandra’ which means ‘container of essence’.


Honolulu’s appeal ranges from it’s magnificent beaches, countless well-stocked shops, tempting restaurants and a multitude of historic, cultural and scenic attractions.


The terrain ranges from the volcanic slopes of Mt. Waialeale and the desert-like beauty of Waimea Canyon to the Wailua River’s lush Fern Grotto.


Mauna Loa, the largest mountain on the planet, soars above the bleak lava fields of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In the heart of the Big Island’s lush rainforest lies the remote and stunning Wai’po Valley (Valley of the Kings).

Retreat Highlights

Delicious, healthy daily meals
14 nights accommodation
Daily yoga
Daily meditation
Daily mandala workshop

Open Circle
Closing Ceremony
Group Mandala Workshop
Healing Meditation

Private Coaching sessions*
Private Healing sessions*
Private Meditation sessions*

*available at additional cost


What People are Saying


I was made a young partner in a consulting firm and navigating some important steps in my professional and personal life.

At a time that could have been very confusing and scary, you helped me create a focused plan that was meaningful.  You empowered me to blend social causes and community work with my other work, which helped me blend personal and professional fulfillment.

~ Richard Demato
CEO / NOMAD Consulting
Los Angeles, Ca


When I enter the room, I felt disconnected from myself and the world. I’ve never experienced a medication that made me feel such strong feelings of love and compassion for others. My heart is filled with love. I’m reconnected with my wife, family, and friends. I am grateful.
~ Anonymous
Butler, New Jersy


I would recommend Sabrina’s healing & meditation class for anyone interested in healing areas of their life that western medicine will not address. My personal experience felt like I had released negative energy that helped me to relax.

~ L. Mitchel,
Co-Founder of The Tree of Life Center

Newton, New Jersey


“After taking Sabrina’ Mandala from with class, I’m speechless. I have never seen nor heard of a mandala before. With her ability to help me connect with my higher self, I was able to create a perfect mandala”.

~ Toni
Wayne, New Jersey

Get started

1. Register for your 9 days of transformational workshops for $555 (No yoga or art experience needed).
2. Our Princess Cruises Agent will contact you to book your cruise, make room upgrade and answer you cruise questions.
3. We’ll take care of the rest.

Cruise departs from Los Angeles aboard Princess Cruises.

14 Day Hawaii cruise $1899.99 (based on double occupancy) or
$3628.00 (based on single occupancy)
Total estimated cost per person for Transformational Workshop $555.00 and 14-day cruise to Hawaii, $2500.00.

Room upgrades are an additional cost. Arrangements can be made through our Princess Cruises agent.

Price does not include excursions.

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Access 2019 is made possible by a partnership with
The Ahava Way, Creative Mind Foundation, and The Hanmi Healing Center.