Hanmi Esoteric Mystery SchoolVajracharya Zhi Bian (David Miller) is ordained to transmit dharma by his guru, the 49th Mahavairocana Dharma King, Living Buddha Dechan Jueren. David is ordained “Vajra Guru” of the Esoteric School, Hanmi Buddhism.

Originally from the mountains of western Maryland, David became involved in Hanmi in 2005 while living in Las Vegas working as Project Manager for an Engineering Firm. Quickly becoming a dedicated practitioner, David spent a great deal of time at the Las Vegas Five Buddha Shrine (one of several Hanmi temples in Las Vegas) where his healing abilities through practicing the true teachings of tantra blossomed quickly.

In 2006 David took refuge as a disciple of Dharma King Dechan Jueren, and in the following years spent a great deal of time learning and practicing esoteric tantra and ritual in Las Vegas and at the Dari Rulai temple in Los Angeles, where he also served as Vice-Abbot for a time.

David takes great joy in doing healing for others, and helping people to help themselves. When describing his teaching style, he often says,”I am very pro-active in doing healings and encouraging others to learn to heal. I am willing to help all beings to alleviate their sufferings, if someone is willing to take one step towards helping themselves, I will happily go a mile to help them do just that.”

David Miller currently travels around the U.S.A teaching dharma. He spends a great deal of time with his students in Maryland, Montana, Las Vegas and Los Angeles but you may find him anywhere, even in Fairbanks, Alaska.

If you would like to invite Vajracharya David Miller to your town, please send an email.

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