Chinese Buddhism, Philosophy, Practice, SARS, and the Medicine Buddha Dharma

Living Buddha Dechan Jueren
Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA 6/8/03
Translated by Jaliniprabhakumara
Transcribed by Dejian

It’s a very common question that many people have asked me before. “If this is the case, if war is what we are facing right now, what can I do?” I gave them my response very honestly. What really matters is in relation to you, you have to be able to protect yourself. Protecting yourself simply means you have good health, good luck, it doesn’t matter what happens. If you do not have good health, then everything else …?…

How to have very good health, this is very important. Certainly everyone wants to have, does need good health, good luck. But if you really think about it, everyone that’s still in the world today, whoever he is at different social statuses, he has his own type of worries. Why is that in this world, everyone has their own type of worrying and sufferings. Very simple, because we do not see. Every one of us is limiting ourselves.

At the same time we are limited, and constrained by the conditions, or being conditioned by the environment. People in this world do not really see the realities of this world. Everybody here in this world knows how to talk about what they see, nature and so on, but no one really sees the true reality of this. If you really think about it, any person in this world only knows so little of the knowledge, even in this world. We may be a very learned person that has many many knowledges, but still we are also limited by what we think we do know.

In addition to that, we do not see our own short comings. People still have animal natures, still have habits of laziness. How to overcome one’s animal nature? How to change one’s self to overcome your habit of laziness? When you have no mare animal nature and habit of laziness, then the true human nature will begin to surface.

When I make this kind of statement, certainly there are many people have different opinions and views. Because we are used to examining the world trying to reference from what we think we know. But if you think about it, you should let a lot of the world examine you. The world came to be, exist in nature as perfection. Knowledge this world possess is more than you can handle, it’s boundless. Every single individual understands that knowledge is only so much, it’s very limited. Just on this earth in this world, many of you only know so much, there is plenty of other stuff you do not know. But people’s habit is they do not want to reckon the reality of this. Everyone always feels, “I know more, because I can see, I can hear for my self, I know more than what the world knows.” Because your habit speaks so, you always examine the world with your own understanding, with your own views or opinions, but have you ever thought about perhaps your views or opinions of the world has a certain gap of reality?

Now why is that there may be a big difference from what you see, and reality? Very simple, what you do know now is only limited knowledge. Everyone sees things from different perspectives. So when we are standing at different angles looking at the same things or same object, certainly there are different perspectives and there will be varying opinions and views. Even though we know this, everyone still struggles and holds on to: “this is what I see, this is what I believe.” It is quite common for everyone to believe,” I am right.” But overconfidence, over believing in yourself is a big mistake. We should believe the objective views, the objective realities the world has presented to us. Only when you are real to the world, and real to yourself will your heart begin to reveal and open to reality.

Buddha says the world is only an illusion. Why is that Buddha says the world is an illusion. Because we feel this world is quite real, but the Buddha say this is the world of illusion, how come life is such things, there is a big difference than what the Buddha say it is. Perhaps we do not really understand what Buddha meant. Why Buddha say this world is world of illusion?

We have this habit, always like to look on this world with our own views. Earlier I have said, one’s own knowledge, one’s own experiences are limited. Compared to the knowledge this world holds, we know very little, the knowledge this world holds is boundless. So why if you spend your whole lifetime to learn new knowledge as much as you can, whatever you will know is only a point in this whole vast world of knowledge.

Also because we are standing from different angles, different perspectives view things differently. To look on this world every phenomenon is presented to us. We do not realize whatever we may observe is only from our own perspective, our own ego, and there still may be a difference, still may be a mistaken view. But it is to each one of us that we believe what we see correctly. Therefore, how are you gonna see the whole reality of this world? Certainly enough, you only see a limited version of it.

Now if we are standing really at different angles with a big difference between perspectives, certainly our opinions, our views will be completely against each other. Then you understand, therefore we do not really know the reality of this world, really understand what’s happening in the world. What we see, whatever happen in this world, when we see this world, we also see in addition to, not just looking, we also see our own selfishness, our own motives. Therefore your views, you’re not just simply seeing or viewing what’s happening, you are viewing with your own selfishness.

Whatever goes on in your head, whatever you are thinking of, it changes a lot. At the same time you are dreaming, fantasizing a lot. Why do I say that people fantasize a lot? If you think about it everyone in this world every single day has a lot of questions that will come up in their head. The problem is, they have not had their 1st question answered, and they already have 2nd, 3rd, 4th and more questions than they even get answered. So what happens with all these things …?… When we see the world we have this kind of selfish desire, and therefore when you view, your opinions, obviously this selfish motive in them is already built in to this illusion. That’s why most people in this world do not really know, cannot see or understand the reality of this world. And they do not know how to really live in this world correctly or handle whatever happens in this world correctly. That’s why Buddha has said this world is a world of illusion.

Of course, objectively speaking the world is quite real. What is illusion is not this world, it’s your heart. Because your heart so much invents illusion, then that’s how you observe, through that lens of your heart of illusion that you see this world, that which reality …?… illusion. Therefore whatever your heart is occupied with, then you shall receive that in the world of illusion. You do not see the world of perfection.

What can one do to truly see that world of perfection? Very simple, certainly you have to work on yourself. Free yourself from your own heart of illusion, your own heart of vanity. And what can you do to free yourself from that, get rid of your illusion and vanity? The 1st thing is you certainly have to know yourself very well, to know whether you have all these vanities and illusions. How do they begin? How do they happen to you? And can you also notice so well, what are all these illusions in your heart, or fantasies, or vanities? Does it injure you or do they bring you anything that’s bad?

You have to know yourself well, only when you really know the real cause that make this happen will you be able to free yourself from it. When your heart of illusion and fantasies gradually disappear then will your real self, your true heart begin to reveal by itself. And when more of your true heart surfaces, will you begin to be able to see more of the reality of this world.

When you have truly completely overcome your fantasies, your illusion then naturally you will really have your completely true heart revealed. Only then will you really become so receptive of this whole world, you will see the true reality. And only so, then will your heart receive the world of perfection. When your heart truly has attained to this world of perfection, then you have perfected your heart, your mind. And only so will wisdom then reveal.

There is no longer knowledge, your wisdom will be just as great as the wisdom of the world. But right now we do not really have wisdom. Because your heart is still craving and occupied with fantasies and illusions. Your heart is limited by these fantasies and illusions. Because of this limitation, that’s why you very often feel you have bad luck and so on. You feel you have bad luck, you may fall ill and you may have all sorts of problems.

Because what we experience with our body as we are sick, also we run into misfortune, that’s what bring us all these worries, even when we are healthy we worry about what may happen, and we have all this defilement in our mind. Because we have so much worries occupy our mind, that’s why you are really unable to calm your heart down, really pacify your mind to that state.

Therefore, your heart is no longer pure. Because your heart is not pure, therefore you lack concentration, you are unable to really focus. Because you lack concentration, therefore you feel in your life anything that will happen, “oh this is not right, that is not right, I made this mistake, I made that mistake,” and so on.

Because what happens in your life now, it brings you steady problems, therefore you worry even more, you have more worries and defilements occupying your heart. Because now the more and more worries you have, certainly luck will have no chance to get any better. Why do I say your luck will get worse? If you follow what I say so far there are many contributing reasons really, because your heart is not pure, because your mind is defiled.

For example, when your’e driving in traffic, your head is so busy fantasizing stuff that you should not really think about that you crash. For example, when you are eating your meal, surely you just enjoy your meal and all the nutrients from your food, but at the same time you are so busy talking, you are thinking about something else. Even to the point when you to sleep, you are still busy thinking about many things, and you have dreams, unable to get restful sleep.

So now you have bad appetite and don’t get enough sleep. Certainly you will expend your physical system over time. You gradually exhaust yourself to the point that you will no longer be able to handle, that’s why you feel you are low on energy, you can hardly keep your eyes open and that kind of stuff.

Then the more fatigue you feel, the more worry you feel. “There’s something wrong with me now.” So the real lesson here is really learning how to overcome one’s self, one’s own worries first, to return your heart to purity.

So, then you have to find the right way to practice, the right discipline to practice. As long as you have good health and good luck, then can you understand that no illness, no disease will ever bother you? And of course, no virus, no death, even if it’s going on everywhere, will ever come to you.

How many viruses are currently going on in the world right now? Most people know there’s SARS. But if you are paying attention to the news around the whole world, there is more than just SARS, there are a few other viruses flaring up. Why is the plague, all these viruses happening right now? Very simple, because human beings are continuing to destroy the environment. If you think about it, the human race is the only one race on this earth that tramples everything , every animal, every plant. Honestly, I do see the Americans are better in this area.

Because SARS start in Shen Zhen, South China. In Shen Zhen everyone there, there is literally nothing that they won’t eat. I tell you right now, SARS originated, 1st case began in Shen Zhen, South China. But do understand, this big plague for the whole world is the revenge from nature against the human race.

Do you think the US is the only country that’s so lucky, out of all the western countries and Asian countries that’s free of SARS? Certainly SARS is already here in the US. Do you think the government will be so honest just like they claim to be? Can you observe what’s happening objectively?

After 9/11, the economy of the US has taken a beating. They have just recovered, if now they are to say, we have people die of SARS in the US, it will only create a panic, it will cause the economy to slide again.

Certainly as I say, SARS is not the only one here right now, already there is rat related disease, rat plague. And there is cholera of course, is happening. Also brain related diseases, such as brain inflammation. If you watch the TV, a few days ago they already start talking about the West Nile Virus, that’s exactly the same thing. Cholera and …?… of course, they all will come back. And I can only tell you there are many. I can give you the symptoms, but there are no names for the viruses, until they give the name.

But those viruses, I know they are already happening, but I do not have the names for them. But many of these viruses, honestly the world does not know how to handle. They have no medical solution for them. Because of all this, that’s why I have decided to teach the Medicine Buddha Dharma, and I believe only the Medicine Buddha practice will be able to afford you that kind of protection.

By doing this practice, not only will you make yourself healthier, stronger, and be able to live a longer life, and you will be able to prevent yourself from catching any viruses, and even be able to heal others that may have it. I always say, if you really want to be able to help others, 1st you have to learn the ways to help yourself. Only he who is able to help himself, will he have the possibility to help others.

When you cannot even help yourself, wishing to help others is only a dream. So, I will stress this again, only by learning the Medicine Buddha will be able to afford you that, to help others. By learning how to do this practice, you will not only be able to help yourself, but you will be able to help others too.

If you have learned the Medicine Buddha and practiced well enough, then in some years time later, you may be able to teach to others. Only when more and more people have learned the Medicine Buddha practice will people as a group become healthy. When everyone has good health and a joyful heart, certainly whatever your profession, your careers will become more successful. Any questions, or any requests?

Q: Kuo, can you ask Master to elaborate on what’s happened in China that didn’t hit the press and how difficult it is to travel and the impact it’s had on Shen Zhen city?
A: because of SARS right now in China, eventually you will see the end result is Chinese economy will slide down 50%. They have already adjusted a few times their economic forecast for the next few years.

Now of course if I tell you more on this, about farming, most city folks don’t know much about farming. If you bear with me and try to understand this, China has a population of 1.3 billion people. Because of SARS came now for some periods in the spring, they are unable to go anywhere, everyone is under house arrest in that sense, so over 2/3 of the farmland has not been planted this season.

Do you see the significance of this thing? At the same time right now, this is springtime, and summer now, in the south regions, usually they have rains, now they have droughts, in the northern regions usually they have droughts, now they have floods. Certainly they have stockpiled foods that will last them for a year, but by next year what’s going to happen with the crops?

I will definitely say the current generation of Americans have never tasted what they might really call hunger. I don’t think anybody here really understands what hunger feels like, even say, “I feel hungry.” Let’s say you missed your lunch, two busy working, you haven’t eaten for a whole day. You are famished, that’s not hunger yet.

You can experiment with yourself and see what happens, don’t eat anything for 3 days straight and see what happens, on the 4th day guess what you will eat. If you don’t have anything to eat for 3 days, on the 4th day, all you can get, you see a slice of bread lying in the gutter, and that’s the only thing you can get to, you will pick it up and eat it. Anybody who is so sick of their …?… maintenance will forget about sanitation anything, as long as they can stuff something down their mouth, they will be happy.

In 1960, ’60, and ’62, China’s economy suffered a big explosion. That was when I was 10, 11 years old. I say the economy suffered a big explosion because, look at the trees, there was no leaves on the trees, look at the trees, there was no skin on the trees. People stripped that for food. There was not a single leaf left. Everything that was chewable and they could swallow down was all gone.

Of my classmates, 50 students in the class, 21 died of hunger. Can you really fathom the seriousness of this? If 1.3 billion people don’t have things to eat, where do you think they get their food from? Can the world handle having to feed an extra 1 billion mouths?

However, I would like to present a little perspective for you. In China if that happens, economic meltdown, every family does have a stash of savings, that they can afford to buy at the black market at exorbitant price for their food. In the east, every family, because of their background, everyone understands about stashing something away in case of hard times.

And of course, from what I understand, in these years, I don’t think the westerners of the American people have enough savings to handle a catastrophic event. In China, if you think these families are poor, even the poorest family can come up, with all their stashes put together, more than $100,000 (RMB?). In this country, if you are really making no money, you have nothing, ask the poorest family to come up with a few hundred dollars, it’s very, very hard.

That’s the American culture, people here don’t have that sense, to stash a big savings away for a rainy day. However, for the Chinese, in China they have thousands of years experience in culture, history does repeat, and they learn from history. They certainly understand about the changing of weather patterns and everything. In Chinese history, all these changes have brought big catastrophic disasters to the people.

So it’s a family tradition, at least in China, that they understand about saving for the rainy days. Maybe because this country has only been around for a couple of hundred years. The US is a nation that has never experienced much of the turmoil of upside down stuff. So the people of this country are really not prepared psychologically for this kind of things to happen.

So the American people really feel that they can do anything they like, they don’t care much. But can you see the reality? If disaster really hits home town, do you think the people here would really be able to handle it well? …?… becomes useless, because most average Americans don’t have enough savings to do anything. From my own observation, the US is a wealthy country, with poor people.

But in the east for many countries, the country may seem to be pretty poor, but actually the families are pretty well to do. From what I know, from many reliable sources, that in China you can expect over 200 million people have in their family over 5 million (RMB?) of savings. That number even by percentage compared to the American people, there’s nothing in the US of people with this kind of savings on average. Are there wealthy people in the US? Certainly there are. But of the percentage of population, a tiny little bit. How many average American families have a savings stash of cash over $50,000? I see this as a cultural difference, because this new group of people in the US doesn’t have much experience form history.

SARS is the beginning virus for this big plague altogether, will eventually, not just for China, the whole world economy will be decimated by 50%. And I think most of you are also aware, any business man from the west go to China to do business, it’s always a big deal they are talking about. So here’s a hint, next year in 2004, any business man in this field of importing food to China will be wealthy. Joel asked me the question about China, so that’s the last piece of information I give you. If you are a business man, jump on the food market next year and certainly become wealthy.

Joel: The impact to the educational system in China has been dramatic. The students were supposed to take final exams last week, but were told not to travel, so they had to take them online, this has never been done before.

Kuo: If you travel anywhere in China, even if it were something like, from LA to San Diego, they would stop you in San Diego, put you in quarantine for 14 days, give you all your meals there, and if you show no signs of illness after 14 days, they let you go. Then, when you got back to LA, they would quarantine you again! You think you’re going to be able to do anything? Forget about it!

Master: I teach Buddha dharma, the way people can learn to free themselves from suffering, so perhaps they will not longer fall ill, and they will have good luck, good health. And to lead people to experience the joys, the easiness of letting go of attachments. So perhaps people will have the opportunity to really experience for themselves, their life to it’s fullest, to understand about the effortlessness of life.

So the teaching if Buddha dharma that I can expound will hopefully help people to free themselves form their animal nature and free themselves of their bad habits, that they may also learn and understand what tolerance means, and how to really have tolerance. I often say this when I give my lectures. Every school of teaching, every religion comes from the same family, they should be in the same family. And I believe that every major religion, every school of teaching that advocates tolerance and compassion, therefore I do not believe, that if different schools attack each other, then they have not demonstrated tolerance.

So without tolerance, how can they demonstrate they have compassion? So the teaching of Buddha dharma is about this too, perhaps shed the light for people that they might also have compassion. To know themselves well, to be able to change themselves, and there are certain ways that you can do this effectively for one’s self. Because isn’t it so, only he who is able to do this for himself, to change the conditions of his environment, isn’t it so, only he who is able to change himself, will he be able to raise himself to a much higher level.

If everyone of us has learned the way how to raise ourselves to a higher level, therefore to take advantage of our understanding to do so, if every single one of us could do this, then this whole human race would be a much different state. If the whole human society now at much higher level, then people will naturally respect each other. Then they will naturally understand about sacrificing one’s self for the benefit of others. If human society will reach this level, then in that society, naturally there will be no more war, and naturally if people do really respect each other, then poverty wont exist any longer. This is the teaching if Buddha dharma that I try to expound, this is my teaching, my lineage that traces back to Nagarjuna.

Q: Could Mr. Yu give me a direct experience of this higher level consciousness at this very moment?
Kuo: You mean just give it to you? Or…

Q: Yes! Right now! Initiate this higher consciousness so that I can understand, it’s not going to be in the future, I want it right now, I’m not going to wait!
A: In the teaching of Buddhism, and throughout the history of Buddhism, one should already realize, no one can give you enlightenment or awakening, however they can only give you the ways to that enlightenment or awakening. It depends on your own effort to take what you have learned and eventually arrive at awakening. And certainly, wisdom, everyone already has. However for most people, that we are under our own self limitations and being conditioned by our own environment. We have accustomed our habits of laziness and we are so much …?… our animal natures that we are unable to discover our true self, our wisdom. Can somebody really hand you wisdom, and make you in a moment attain a higher consciousness? Because we have to be realistic, let’s say if you are really hungry right now, I can instantly get some food for you, but you do still have to eat it.

Q: I do not want to wait for the future. To wait for higher consciousness in the future is just like having to wait in the Catholic church. What is it worth? Belief is worth nothing! So give me what you have to give right now. That’s what I want. If you can’t do it, admit, ‘I can’t do it.’
A: However, if you had heard my talk today, the whole talk, I talk not about what the future will bring you, but what you can do now to make yourself to be better. But if you do not do what needs to be done now, the future will always be in the future.

The teaching of Buddha dharma is about this lifetime, the current work now, it’s not about what will happen in the future. I’m very happy that you have asked these many questions. Certainly, it’s a lot that anyone can ask any kind of questions coming from any different kinds of disciplines and backgrounds.

Because that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. Inquire that answers to questions and to really understand, maybe we will take action and do something, eventually we will have no more questions. However, I only speak from the Buddhist standpoint, I do not know much about Christians. But I do believe that whether it’s Christians or Catholics, if they do follow to the real teachings of God, they will eventually be in heaven.

But the question is not about whether I will be in heaven right now or not, it’s about looking the ways to know one’s self, whether my actions will actually lead me to heaven. How much have I really followed the teachings of Jesus Christ, for example. Or how much have I really not done at all?

If I have known myself so well and discover that many things I have not done to make that happen for myself then shouldn’t I first take action and do those things first? Perhaps, gradually, it will suddenly dawn upon me, that I have awakened.

If we go against the teachings of, let’s say, Jesus Christ, going against the teaching of what God commands, and expect to be in heaven, then we will be looking everywhere and still don’t know where it is, then we will not have any sense of enlightenment at all.

It’s just like if you have eyes, you have to use them, actually do something with them. You cannot pop out the eyes and expect to see things, demand to see things. When we have covered our own eyes and ears, are we really gonna know whether it’s daytime or nighttime? No matter who ever want to turn on the light for you, until you remove your hands from your eyes, you will still not see day from night. I believe if we do follow accordingly to the …?… of God and really actually …?… By taking that action you may not be in a good environment immediately, but at least you will be removing your hands form you ears and eyes. And eventually light will certainly enter you. So the first is not depending on others, it’s depending on one’s self to do something for one’s self. Thank you so much for your questions, because by you asking those questions, others should be able to learn more about it, and they should thank you for your efforts.

Q: (a different person this time) In the spirit of the darkened judgement from everybody, can you give us as a group an action that would give us something clear for our practice that would help us find the light within?
A: The assistance of Buddha, or the teaching of Buddha dharma, there are many techniques that you can use to gradually relieve yourself of wandering thoughts. And the teaching of Buddha dharma that I will teach to you is not about some wild fantasy, it’s something that you can do, experiment with and prove for yourself, you can actually feel it and touch it. It does not matter whether you believe it or not or whether your religious background or your faith come from, it’s about learning something that you apply it, the same way in this world, just like you jump on a bicycle and pedal, it’s gonna move. So I will teach you a very simple technique. A simple technique you can do for yourself, let’s say if you are so tired from work. So your body is tense, by doing this you may calm down and relax, and feel better.

Master instructs

If you are able to really relax and stick to doing this for 10 minutes every day, 100 days later you will look much younger. Being able to relax yourself you will not have so much stress and you also improve your wisdom. If you are healthier and wiser, your body will take care of itself and be stronger, and your skin will look much better. Then you will be even more beautiful then you already are. Of course that goes the same way for guys, if you can relax 10 minutes a day for 100 days, you will be just as beautiful as handsome! (laughter) Of course it’s my sincere hope, by meeting me today I hope to bring you this chance that you really have good health and good luck. And I sincerely hope that for the rest of your life, you will be free of many disasters and problems. And always have happiness and joy. Any other questions?

Q: This is …?… he came to my house to speak and when he spoke about my path as a Christian. I wanted to ask… As my acupuncturist and my Qi Kung Grand Master advised, that it’s good for people to eat some animal flesh to stay grounded. What is your opinion with your background in Chinese medicine. Is it necessary for most people to have a small amount of animal flesh, or what’s the compassionate …?… is it possible to stay healthy since I’m …?… ?
A: Of course, I come from a Buddhist background. As a Buddhist master, and from the standpoint of a practitioner, it really does not matter on that issue what you eat or drink. What really matters as a practitioner is what’s on your mind, what you think, what you do, what action you do, that’s what really matters. Of course, in regard of whether you should eat meat or not. It depends on the individual, everybody’s body is different. Everyone will get used to different things. I only believe that if you force someone to take something they cannot take, then that’s a mistake. Some people’s stomach can only handle meat, some can only handle vegetables, it depends on the individual. So whatever we eat, it should be natural a meat for our body, that our body demands to eat something. Now if we don’t satisfy what our body really needs, then we are depriving our body. Everything, what nature demands is the best, if your body demands a certain food item, go get that and eat it.

Q: …?…
A: Of course, I will give my blessing to everyone here. Just relax with palms facing up. If you like, you don’t need to close your eyes, keep them open.

Master stands and counts on his mala, wraps it up and makes a continuous circling motion.

Master: Can you feel some kind of sensation in your palm? (Master changes his motion) Whatever sensation can you feel right now, can you tell the difference from before? Of course, I say everyone is an individual, so everyone may feel differently, and some may be more or less sensitive. However, there is no difference in the good will that I give to you all. Can you feel any other sensations throughout your body? Please open your eyes. Any other questions? Even like this gentleman’s questions. They are actually very good. I think some of you may have been confused.

Q: Could you talk a little bit more about the class …?
A: The Medicine Buddha dharma is about three things. Every Buddhist meditation always have the mantra, mudra, and visualization. You will learn the steps that make up the meditation. Because as we know, the viruses in the world right now, therefore I teach this and also the purifying techniques. So you may be able to protect yourself. And since the necessity of life is really water, air and food, you will learn to purify these things. These things we do every day, we eat, we drink and breathe every day. You say the mantra and so you put the mantra in the food, and you can change the taste of the food. Of course everyone today like to eat health food. Do you really understand there is no health food in the world today? If the a polluted, if the earth is polluted, then no matter how the plants grow, it’s still gonna be polluted to a certain degree. So by learning the Medicine Buddha and purifying techniques, before we eat anything we will say a mantra, in a way we will pray for what we receive, that way you purify the contaminants from your food. By eating this kind of mantrized food, you will make yourself feel better, even healthier, and it may even bring you good luck.

Q: So I’m wondering if everything is polluted, then the human beings that are now being born at this time in this environment, does that mean that they are also contaminated?
Kuo: Ever since the 1st atom bomb exploded, we are already exposed to radiation already. At least in my age group we are already the nuclear baby already. Especially for the last few decades, they continue to do nuclear testing. That light, that radiation goes everywhere. It’s not damaging to you, but it’s still there.

Q: Why I ask is because if we attempt to purify everything, is it like swimming upstream? Can we really do that in this environment?
A: If depends on how you see this. If your analogy is swimming upstream in this environment, then learning the purifying techniques is like learning how to swim upstream. But can you also see another example is like, so the world is polluted, your clothes is really dirty, you take off your clothes and wash them clean again, and put them back on. We need to be …?… Human society will continue to develop. Certainly we will want to know ways that we can preserve ourselves. If we hope to swim upstream because we are now in this polluted environment, but we cannot say, “I quit,” and commit suicide. (laughter) But more importantly we have to face reality and learn how to adapt and change. For example, if the environment is already polluted, it’s like this person is sick. What can we do for this person? Cure him of his sickness. So that same idea, if in this environment this person is already sick, what can we do now to preserve our environment, and make it healthier. To protect whatever we still have. The final goal certainly, hopefully we will be able to return the environment to it’s …?… form. We cannot give up because our environment is already polluted, say, “Forget it, I don’t want this environment!”

Q: My sister works for the center of disease control, for control of infectious diseases in hospitals, and her opinion of SARS has been that, it’s not that the virus is that strong, but the problem has been all the fear that the media has placed around this and that the reason why it’s such big news in China is that there was certain medicine, or health care facility that handled the initial outbreak and then the media got a hold of it and it’s just fear, fear, fear, and that there are much worse things going on. I wanted to know if the Master thought that there really was a virulence or strength to this virus or if it’s truly like what he talked about earlier that the mind is polluted and the heart is polluted and there’s this vicious cycle between the mind and the heart that is really causing the problem with the virus and it’s not because …?… ?
A: I have to say, SARS is a very serious virus. Seriousness of course is relatively speaking, but if we can see this compared to the realities we have, the seriousness is in that we could not have a solution to SARS. So that objectively speaking has nothing to do with people’s fear here, you can put that out of the picture.

Seriousness is, there’s no solution for it right now. If you follow some of those cases of people who die of SARS, many die in a few days, by the time they first show symptoms, they die in a few days, too fast to do anything else. And serious comes in that people by experience in China, they learn that if anyone dies of SARS, the virus still in the body and it can spread, become airborne and infect anyone around, any surface.

This things first showed up in Shen Zhen China about December of last year. In the beginning, people think it’s no big deal, not that serious, they probably just caught a cold or pneumonia or something. Later they realized, how come so many people die of pneumonia suddenly, not usual as before, so many people suddenly have cough and then die of these things in a few days.

So starting around February they began saying, this is atypical pneumonia. In the beginning it’s only atypical pneumonia, so they can handle it, it’s not a big deal. By April, the government has to take it seriously and acknowledge the seriousness. But for those few months, many people have already died.

Let me put it to you this way. The number, the real number is never recorded. Whatever the number you have learned that was recorded publicly, is a big difference than the real number. If in Shen Zhen alone, only a few hundred people died of these things, big deal, nobody is gonna pay attention to this because many people die of natural deaths all the time.

Another …?… was recorded, from the time they feel that they have a common cold to the day they die, it’s only a few days. Then what happened is, they found the seriousness of it, because it’s not just that the people die, anyone who paid a visit to the sick person, they also became infected. Many people that actually died, they died not as the first group of people infected, they were the doctors and nursed and visitors that came in contact with those people.

You know why the Chinese government really began to take it very seriously? So many families that so many people die and there are just children there, what are they gonna do? It becomes a social problem and they have to pay attention now.

Kuo: That thing he presented was on calcium, through Buddhist techniques, he showed all the numbers, the cases they followed and so on, so he got 1st place at that conference. He said, basically most modern sickness today is because of lack of calcium. If you have good calcium in your body, then you are naturally healthy and strong. Taking supplements is not good enough, because most people, they just get rid of it right down the plumbing. They are unable to absorb it. But he said that through the Buddhist meditation you make your body function better so you can absorb all the natural calcium from your food intake, no need to take a calcium pill. He gives this example often: it’s like a car. You put gas in it. If the fuel system is shot, you can but the most expensive gas, the best quality, and put in the car, it’s not going to run better, you have to fix the fuel system first. So that meditation he presented in his paper is about he can do this to make your body absorb calcium better, no need to take a pill. He actually documented cases in China and followed their progress, people took calcium tests to see the change. That’s how he happened to come to the US in the 1st place. It’s an international conference, his thesis took 1st place.

Q: I came here today because of an acquaintance of Master Yu, and he said that he was a healer and studying with Master. So I wanted to know, do we all have this property?
A: Yes, everyone has this healing property, everyone can do this healing for others, but the question is really most people have not found they can do this.

Tape ended!

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