Hanmi Intro

Sabrina will present a simple explanation of esoteric dharma and the Chinese Esoteric School, Hanmi, which is a main lineage of esoteric Buddhism formerly hidden for over 1200 years.

Founded around 720 A.D., and with the support of Emperors, Hanmi spread across China for 125 years.  The lineage went underground and teachings were handed down in secret from one awakened master to another until 1990. “The Esoteric School teaches  methods to attain enlightenment in this lifetime”

Learn simple techniques which may be used by anyone to rapidly produce change, raise awareness and overcome hindrances of the body, mind and speech. One need not be Buddhist to make use of these practical methods. Experience ancient Hanmi healing techniques of “light healing” which are effective for any illness of the body, mind or spirit. These methods will stimulate the innate healing capabilities of your body, and produce a fundamental change in your root nature; therefore many obstacles of suffering will be quickly extinguished.

This transmission has been passed down for thousands of years; these methods can relieve stress, improve health and remove obstacles.

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