Dharma Rites, One of the Greatest Services

We offer the community is to hold dharma rites. A Dharma rite is a Buddhist ritual prayer ceremony where a group of esoteric practitioners gathers together and prays for a common goal. A group of practitioners who have experience working together with advanced states of consciousness can overcome an obstacle with relative ease that would be insurmountable for one person alone. All Dharma rites are conducted by initiated disciples and are held inside a mandala created and empowered by Living Buddha Dechan Jueren.

Why Do People Request Dharma Rites?
Most commonly we do Dharma Rites to help people overcome obstacles they are having with health, wealth, and luck. It is also common for people to request a Dharma Rite for a deceased relative. Sometimes Dharma Rites are held to celebrate a special occasion, like a holiday, or birthday, or to pray for world peace.e and happiness to your entire family.

Lunar Prayer Service for the Benefit of All Sentient Beings

We at The Hanmi Healing Center aspire to follow the example of the great Masters and Gurus of this and other eminent traditions who are able to truly and joyfully bear the suffering of others, expecting nothing in return. The Lunar Prayer or Lunar Dharma Rite is another opportunity to show our commitment of selfless service to the worldwide community.

New Moon Prayer for the living

If you, or a loved one, need a change of luck or fortune, sign up for this Dharma Rite by adding your name to the prayer list and join us during the chanting to receive the help and blessings.

Luck Change Dharma Rite or
Fortune, Longevity, and Wisdom Dharma Rite
Duration: 45 minutes on every New Moon.

Full Moon Prayer for the deceased

Experience the benefit of praying for your ancestors and loved ones who have passed away. Temple practitioners will chant Buddhist mantras for your predecessors and for All Sentient Beings.

Assist the Deceased Dharma Rite
Duration: 45 minutes on every Full Moon.

Available Dharma Rites

Treat yourself or a loved one to a powerful blessing that will attract health, wealth, happiness and good fortune throughout the coming year. Birthdays mark the beginning of a new year for every one of us. The receiver does not have to be present at the ceremony for the blessings to be received. Duration: 45-min for 1 day. Schedule you birthday rite here.

Good Luck
Whether you just need a little extra assistance to help you through an endeavor or you need a total change in your life; with a strong blessing behind you, many things you thought were out of reach will fall easily into your hands. It is very effective if conducted before an important business deal or when facing litigation. Duration: 45-min for 7 consecutive days.
Good Luck

Extinguish Disaster
We often use this Dharma rite to provide comfort through spiritual healing for hospital patients, those in surgeries, etc.
Duration: 45-min for 7 consecutive days.

Assist the Deceased
The passing of loved ones can be one of the most difficult challenges we face in our lives. The sense of peace our funerary services provide will radiate to the entire family and friends. The attachments the deceased had in this life are released as the spirit gently moves on to the next world. Duration: 45-min for 7 consecutive days.
Purpose of the Service for the Deceased
Connecting with Ancestral Merit and Assisting the Deceased

Assist the Deceased for Suicide

Bring Forth the Light
For new construction, moving to a new house, starting a new project or business.

Divine Birth
Celebrating the birth of an awakened Master. Bring offerings of flowers or fruit.

Jinx/Hex/Curse Breaking

Fortune, Longevity, and Wisdom
Increase your prosperity, luck, safety, and bring peac

Karma Purifying
Cuts to the root of your problems, purifying the karmic debt.

Life Prolonging

Seeking Marriage
Change your destiny! Attract your soul-mate!

Seeking Offspring
Blessing for conception of a child.

Annual Dharma Rites

Chinese New Year Celebration

Observing The Lunar New Year
(First New Moon Cycle)

This ceremony offers protection against the obstacles brought forth by the upcoming ruling Chinese animal zodiac sign, and brings a general blessing and best wishes for a new year filled with good luck and all the fortune you desire! view

Ancestral Homage
Dharma Rites

Observing Ghost Month
(Seventh Full Moon Cycle)

A 2-week prayer ceremony honoring your parents, living and deceased,  and the parents of your past seven lives. Participating in this Dharma Rite brings blessings to you and your descendants. view

Hanmi Masters Memorial Rites

Scheduled throughout the year

An empowering ceremony honoring the birth and passing of our Divine Lineage Masters. The observance dates are calculated based on the Lunar phases, falling on a slightly different day each year

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