Justin Elledge

Justin ElledgeThe Human MRI began his journey to health and healing at the age of 14.  It was then that he had his first migraine headache, which became a lifelong journey to find a cure for this and other illnesses.  Along the way he had many experiences of which he uses to share healing knowledge with others.

In October 1985 Justin Elledge at the age of 28, underwent a minor dental surgery, which should have been nothing more than an inconvenience, which then became a life altering experience. Within days of the surgery his body began to waste away.  For the next 20 years, no test could pinpoint the cause of his mysterious illness. During those years he had sought out answers from many, including doctors, surgeons, psychics and shamans, each with a belief of what was wrong or in fact not, but none could pinpoint the exact cause of the issue.

As fate would have it, he was introduced to Master Dechan Juren, or master Yu in 2000 and began to learn esoteric Buddhist  healing practices along with meditations and other forms of going within.

While at a retreat during Easter weekend in 2005, a true miracle occurred. While there, a friend, was lying on the floor in the lodge, in pain, and he asked for Justin’s help. Justin agreed to aid him and he knelt down on the floor at Ananda’s side.  As he knelt there, he raised his hands above Ananda’s chest began sending healing energy to him. As Justin closed his eyes, the ability to see the exact physical health issue facing Ananda manifested instantly. In his Third eye, Justin was shown a broken rib inside Ananda’s chest, which was later proven on X-rays. From that moment he could instantly see many health challenges manifesting inside of the human body and so much more! Soon as word got out, people began to contact him locally and from around the world to find solutions to their own health challenges and needs.

Justin brings a lifetime of experience to his individual sessions as Medical Intuitive including remote healing and Energetic House clearings.

Licensed Vocational Nurse in 1992.   2000 Buddhist Master, Master Yu. In 2014, Justin’s work was recognized and blessed by John of God in Brazil. In 2015, he was intiated in the healing realm of the German Mystic, Bruno Groenig

  • His practices include:
    Medical Intuition
    Nutrition Counseling
    Buddhist Esoteric healing and distance Healing
    J.O.G. Chrystal healing
    I AM Meditations
    Sacred Chakra Fire Clearing
    Soul Convergence
    Past Life Forgiveness



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