Natarajah Yoga

Natarajah yoga is a dynamic system that integrates Tantric teachings of universal oneness, traditional hatha yoga Poses, breathing, kriyas and meditation.
Natarajah yogaThrough the practice of yoga we balance our mental and physical state bringing about a natural state of balance. Since its conception Natarajah Yoga classes, workshops and Teacher Trainings have been taught around the world in Northern and Southern Americas, Europe, and India.

Elements of Natarajah Yoga

• Self-inquire, expansion and elevation of consciousness
• Strengthening the body through aligned based asana practices
• Harnessing the Power of Mudras, Mantra, Meditation & More

Why Yogiji Created Natarajah Yoga

“I have always had an excess of energy and I am an athletic person by nature. After my knee surgery I turned to Power Yoga and Ashtanga and I love the physical practice of vinyasa yoga. It keeps me grounded and present in my body. After teaching for 5 years I found myself looking to dive into the more subtle aspect of yoga, which drew me to Kundalini yoga and Tantra practices. The process of transforming and elevating one’s consciousness through the use of this technology is a deep and profound journey. The body and nervous system is strengthened, the mind calmed, conflicts are resolved, emotions are shifted and alignment with the divine is attained. Kundalini yoga and Tantra are quick, effective and practical paths for modern practitioners. The Natarajah Yoga approach is intended to deliver you to your royalty and develop your excellence. To be royal is to be self-disciplined, from which the awareness of our intrinsic connectedness with the creator and all creation arises, and the ability to be good stewards to ourselves, to others and to the planet, and radiate a positive healing & uplifting vibration.”

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