Bequests afford long term tax savings. The two most common types of bequest are Residuary Bequest (wherein you give a percentage of the rest, residuary and remainder of your estate) and Outright Bequest (wherein you give a specific dollar amount or particular asset.)

Gifts of Stock or other Securities.These are a tax-wise way of making a charitable gift as you can structure the donation so that you avoid all capital gains taxes under this plan.Charitable Gift Annuities. A popular way of making a gift now while ensuring an income for you and/or your partner or family.

Gifts of Retirement Funds, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Gifts of Real Estate, Gifts of Life Insurance and Gifts of Personal Property are some of the other methods of supporting your favorite charity.

Matching gifts are a great way to maximize your support!
You can often increase the value of your contribution to The Hanmi Healing Center through a corporate matching gifts program. Many employers will match your gifts to charitable organizationsto a qualifying nonprofit organization, with differing guidelines in each company.

To find out whether your company has a matching gifts program, contact your personnel office or corporate contributions officer. Your company representative can provide you with a matching gifts form, which must be completed and then sent to The Hanmi Healing Center for processing.

Other Types of Donations
In addition to the types of donations you can make indicated above, you might also want to consider making a special endowment, adding The Hanmi Healing Center in your will.

All donations are 100% deductible for income tax purposes.

No matter how you decide to give toThe Hanmi Healing Center, your gift will make a difference. Here are examples of just a few ways that your contribution can impact your community: Donating online couldn’t be easier.  Simply click a Donate button to contribute today. It’s fast, easy and secure.

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