Prajna Akasagarbha

AkasagarbhaPrajna Akasagarbha is an esoteric Buddhist healing dharma practice which literally means, wisdom hidden in the womb of space. This ancient dharma practice of Akasagarbha Bodhisattva, which was hidden in China for centuries, is considered a key to enlightenment, valued for its ability to increase physical vitality and energy, and bring forth rapid spiritual progress. In essence, it is a sequence of movements (mudras) combined with visualizations and a mantra that help to align the individual to the universe and awaken the sleeping seeds of Alaya consciousness in the body.

The 16 basic mudras, when practiced diligently, will help the practitioner experience the gravitational pulls of the heavenly bodies, grasp the rhythm of nature, and attain health, prosperity, and wisdom. It flows like water and moves slowly with great depth. This moving meditation is fun to do and suitable for all ages and abilities. Wear comfortable clothing.

Learn simple techniques which may be used by anyone to rapidly produce change, raise awareness and overcome hindrances of the body, mind and speech. One need not be Buddhist to make use of these practical methods. Experience ancient Hanmi healing techniques of light healing which are effective for any illness of the body, mind or spirit. These methods will stimulate the innate healing capabilities of your body, and produce a fundamental change in your root nature; therefore many obstacles of suffering will be quickly extinguished.

Prajna Akasagarbha Movement Dharma Lecture

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