Protection from Black Magic

Dark Witchcraft, Voodoo, Spells, Curses, Hexes, Evil Spirits, Ghosts, and help for victims of Satanic Practices

By: Vajra Acarya Chanzhi Decheng

Many people who delve into magical practices do so innocently, without intention to cause harm to others, but mainly to increase happiness, health, luck or wealth.

Others do so purposefully to exact vengeance upon a foe, gain the upper hand on a competitor, or to control someone’s mind or heart. Almost all of these people are ignorant of the consequences of their actions, because if they truly knew the causes they are laying down for their future suffering, they would not dare to cast such a spell on others.

The effect on the victims of such spells can manifest in many ways, here are a few: Feelings of foreboding, darkness, heaviness, or depression, like a dark cloud hanging over the head. Phobias, fears, unusual phenomenon, or the sensation of constantly being watched or followed. Destruction of relationships, start of a new unlikely relationship. Nightmares or night visitations. Rapid breathing and heartbeat without physical exertion, and accidents, disasters, poverty, bad luck, or undiagnosable physical illness.

Sometimes, people experience what seems like the effect of black magic, but it is really the consequence of past actions from this life or another, of inflicting upon others this type of manipulation and suffering. Self created, only now it is time for them to pay the piper.

According to Living Buddha Dechan Jueren, “Sometimes you may feel your house is dark or cold. Or you may be in your office, and feel it is not bright even though there are many lights on. Then there are those who take on a task and they will have energy at the beginning, but as time goes on they lose that energy and cannot finish the task. Sometimes your ears will hum with a buzzing sound. … Then there are those who have nightmares while sleeping. Others have problems and aches all over their body. Some feel tense all the time, they feel unhappy, they are always in a bad mood. There are those who feel their health is not good, and go to the doctor, but there is nothing physically wrong with them. Some families are always in conflict, or unexplained bad events happen. Or your career is not successful. You lose money trying to fix problems. Then there are those who are trying hard and are just about to accomplish a task, but something goes wrong and they do not succeed. … Some people want to commit suicide.”

“There are 72 different kinds of spells that can be put on people. The least harmless one, it can change your luck, or to harm your health, and also they can control you for what they want you to do and you will do it. They can make you sick, or they can make you probably have a skin problem, like you … have a lot of insects going out from your pores, that you want to die but you can’t. This is the worst spell that you can have. Not too many people know how to do this kind of spell, yet a lot of people are harmed by it. Usually people are in the spell, they can’t get out of it, they don’t know how. Not even the person who put the spell on the other person knows how to cure it.”-LA Dari Rulai Temple 2003

People can be seduced into practicing black magic by the promise of easy luck, money, sex, love, or control and advantage over others. Thinking that they can secretly do whatever they want to others without any retribution or ill effect on themselves, these type of people are digging a huge karmic hole.

So what is black magic? A common new age definition: Black magic is any technique that harnesses occult forces and/or ‘evil’ spirits to benefit the practitioner(or client), usually at the expense of another.

Here’s a better definition: Black magic is any thought, word, or deed, that is not for the benefit of others. On a mundane level, people need to survive, and self-preservation is a natural and good thing. However, the higher a person elevates their consciousness, especially when using spiritual practices that increase focus and concentration, the more selfless they must become, otherwise they will sandbag their spiritual progress by intentionally, or unintentionally, causing harm to others. Why else would swearing at others be called ‘Cursing’?

What about harnessing occult forces and ‘evil’ spirits? Many practitioners of spiritual traditions around the world know how to interact with non-physical beings. One common technique is to ‘feed’ ghosts, so the practitioner can control them and tell them what to do. This is done through various means, to facilitate excretions in the ghost’s body. These excretions are provided by a living physical body and cannot be generated in the ghost realm (food, saliva, mucous, sputum, urine, feces, etc.), but can be used by ghosts to harm others. The beings stuck as ghosts will do ANYTHING for that dark practitioner to get the excretions, including inflicting suffering on any living person or bloodline who is the target of a curse, jinx, or hex.

For the dark practitioner, it creates a downward karmic spiral, like going into debt and having to go deeper and deeper using one credit card to pay off another, etc, the end result being spiritual bankruptcy, where they cannot any longer postpone the consequences of their actions. Eventually they must experience the karmic retribution in the form of inescapable suffering, like illness, bad luck, poverty, accidents, disasters, misfortune, harassment by malevolent beings, even death, and sentencing of the soul to lower realms without possibility of Human re-birth.

Esoteric Buddhism offers solutions for both victims and practitioners of black magic. For victims, coming under the protection of an enlightened Master, or Guru, and having a real connection with a living spiritual lineage can instantly provide help. The way to do this is to receive an empowerment and begin a spiritual practice such as the Medicine Buddha Dharma, to commission a temple to perform a Dharma Rite to Change Luck or Remove Jinx or Curse, receive a Charm or Pendant blessed for protection by a High Lama or Master, or most powerful and better yet, become initiated as a disciple.

Doing a spiritual practice under the guidance of a Guru can purify even terrible karmas such as those incurred by dark witches, warlocks, sorcerers, magicians, and those who have intentionally caused harm to others using black magic, and who now want to avoid the horrible suffering that is coming their way due to their foolish, selfish behavior. The path to redemption is not an easy one, but it is possible, and as long as the practitioner sincerely repents, changes their ways, and practices their dharma with strong discipline, success is ensured. One of the most revered Gurus in Esoteric Buddhism was Milarepa, who began his spiritual journey by using sorcery to murder a group of people he felt were responsible for stealing his birthright. His path was long, hard, and full of tremendous obstacles, but through perseverance, and the loving grace of his Guru, he eventually purified all his evil karmas, and accomplished complete enlightenment, working ceaselessly to bring happiness to and liberate all sentient beings from suffering.

Is there a way to use spiritual practices to interact with and use unseen forces and mysterious beings to reveal wisdom, change luck, generate abundance, fortune and prosperity, and cause health and healing for self and others? Yes. However, those who become skilled do so under the guidance of a teacher who is completely liberated from the cycle of birth, old age, sickness, and death, and has the wisdom to apply, operate, and manage these beings and forces on the highest level for the benefit of others, and has the ability to guide the student to accomplish the same.

The true accomplished practitioners, Saints, and Masters of any Esoteric School sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others expecting nothing in return. They bear the pain and suffering alone, and give the happiness to others. They teach tolerance, forgiveness, and service to others. They offer ways and means to every being, without bias, and regardless if one is good or bad, to completely purify all suffering, and liberate oneself from the cycle of transmigration. They bring light to the world.

There are more advanced solutions for people struggling with obstacles created by negative phenomena or for practitioners looking to assist victims. Here are a list of some advanced practices in the Hanmi Esoteric School that have tools that can be used to purify, change, and eliminate black magic:

  • 33 Foundation Mantras of the Esoteric School (Abhiseka required, open to everyone)
  • Empowered Meditation CD
  • Black Furious Manjusri Bodhisattva Bodyguardian Dharma
  • Ucchusma Vajrapala
  • Dharani Cover Mala Techniques (Self Protection, Change Feng Shui, Divert Poison Arrows or Sha Qi, Remove Elementals, Exorcism, Retreat Enemy, and many others)
  • 6 DVD set Foundation Knowledge of Chinese Esoteric Culture (Rahula Offering Dharma)
  • Puja Offering to Guru, Buddha, Bodhisattva, Devi and feeding Devourers (Protection from Ghost Realm – Disciples Only)

Presently, Black Furious Manjusri and Ucchusma Vajrapala can only be learned directly from Living Buddha Dechan Jueren. The 6 DVD set Foundation Knowledge of Chinese Esoteric Culture is available for purchase from Dari Rulai Temple. The advanced Puja Offering is for disciples only, however a beginning version is available on the 6 DVD set. The 33 foundation mantras of the esoteric school can be learned from a Vajra Acarya. The Medicine Buddha Dharma is the preferred practice for beginners because of the Abhiseka empowerment involved, but must be learned in person from a Vajra Acarya. For those who cannot learn in person, any empowered meditation CD will provide help.

For sincere practitioners who want to help others, learning how to assist the deceased is the first level of practice and attainment. Learning how to heal the living is the next level of accomplishment. Once you have demonstrated ability in those areas, then you can start learning exorcism, advanced feng shui, and how to deal with harmful entities and forces. This is not for beginners. When a practitioner encounters a situation that is beyond the scope of their ability, the next step is to request help in the form of a dharma rite.

Dharma Rite is a ritual ceremony where a group of practitioners in a temple with altar and mandala gather together and chant mantras accompanied by bells, drums, horns, and incense offerings. These rites are conducted with the blessing of all the masters of our lineage. The mantras call upon guru, buddha, and bodhisattva for assistance in neutralizing and purifying negative phenomena and obstacles for the benefit of all sentient beings. This is one of the most powerful solutions and is the preferred method when a problem is too difficult for a single practitioner to solve.

While some tools and techniques are available to the general public, disciples of the Hanmi Esoteric School have the highest level of protection and empowerment, and will have the greatest ability to liberate self and others from suffering and attachment to phenomena.

Q & A:
Q: Can spiritual practices of the Hanmi Esoteric lineage be used to harm others?

A: No. The heart of the Guru is the foundation of the practitioner. This is a living spiritual lineage lead by Dharma King Dechan Jueren, a flesh and blood Master who has attained the highest level of enlightenment. It is administered by the Dharma King and all the previous masters and gurus throughout time. Any practitioner of the Esoteric School who attempts to harm others will instantly face retribution, their merits will go to the person they tried to harm.

Please contact The Mystery School to request your Dharma rite.

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