Purpose of the Service for the Deceased

Master Yu Tian Jian, June 8, 2000
Translator: Kuo
Transcriber: Jim Stewart
Dari Rulai Temple, Los Angeles, CA

The purpose of a service for the deceased is because we are always reincarnating in this wheel of rebirth. Everyone is on a journey. We have a lot of karmic ties stringing us together. We all owe someone something. Your greatest debt is if you owe someone a favor. Or if you kill someone, you owe them a life. Or if you hurt someone and cause bleeding, you owe a debt of blood. Or, if you take something from someone and do not return it, you owe them. If you do not respect your parents, you owe a moral debt. If you cheat your brother or sister, you also owe a moral debt.

If you think that this will pass away, it will not. The debt will follow the soul wherever it goes and you will have to repay it in the next life. Sometimes you feel happy meeting others. But sometimes you meet someone and feel you are mortal enemies. That is because you owe them a debt in a past life and you will be repaying it in this life.

Every day you have your own worries and disasters, yet every day you have a moment of joy. All of these arising circumstances are cause for the present moment.

Sometimes we think this world is hell. For in this life we live in a kind of muddiness. We experience life with conflicts. Every moment of our life, things come up and disturb us, often it is “small” stuff.

When any relatives pass away, we can ask help through the power of Buddha to assist those who have passed away. We can ask to clean all the debt they owe since before they passed away. Then all this debt will become purified once again.

Then when they reincarnate again, they will owe nothing this time. Their soul can reincarnate in a pure state and avoid all these disasters and the probability for good luck will be much higher this time. When you have received this service, the more you give, the more you get. That is why we see some people with such good luck in this lifetime.

But in this world, only some small percentage of people are wealthy. The majority of us simply lead life day to day. Every day, your life or work you live according to your will. Every day you are constrained by the conditions around you. Why is it like that for us? Because when we previously passed away, our relatives didn’t do a service for us, so you are still carrying a debt from a past life.

But you can overcome this, if you practice dharma. And you want to serve all people and never expect any gratitude from them. The more you practice dharma, the more merit you accumulate. That is how you can change your debts to merits. Otherwise our mind is always in a doubtful state, we not know our direction, and every day we live a life struggling in the darkness.

So we can ask the help of Buddha to assist our relatives who have passed away. It is just like we are lampposts lighting the path we will take later. When you do a service for assisting someone else, you are also doing a service for your own heart.

You here are very lucky to have run into a Buddha and there is a speck of light in your heart. Studying this light will cause it to become brighter in your heart. Then you can truly walk away from the darkness into the light. You will know everything truthfully for yourself. Whatever you need, nature will provide. You will no longer be consumed running around taking care of business in an everyday kind of life.

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