The Hanmi Healing Center, a non-profit corporation, strives to enrich and enhance the quality of our inner peace, despite the daily occurrence of life challenges. The healing center provides a non-sectarian and non-judgmental atmosphere aimed at spiritual growth and creativity development.

The execution of the healing centers goals will be accomplished by providing diverse programs, classes, and services offered by our network of onsite and visiting teachers and practitioners. Open to all ages, the range of services encourage the public to find their own path to truth. Practice-oriented sets of spiritual exercises focused on experiencing the truth of reality for ourselves as opposed to theory dependent structure will be emphasized.

If you are a seeker of the unchanging peace of the rhythm within the rhythm of life, come and join us at The Hanmi Healing Center, a place of refuge and guidance.

We envision a community which expands and promotes an integrative, creative and peaceful society

For specific ongoing and interim programs visit our list of classes page.

The Hanmi Healing Center is open to all teachers and practitioner in alignment with this philosophy. If you are interested teaching at the center please click here.