Spiritual Cleanse & Detox

Balance Weight
You can maintain a healthy, balanced weight through the Integrated Practice of the Three Mysteries.  Practice only about ten minutes a day, and there may be a miracle in a few weeks.

Master Yu Transcript: Beauty Weight Balancing Dharma Lecture

Beauty Yoga Wisdom Dew
True beauty ought to be from the heart and is natural.  Impartial observation shows that the changing environment and the speedy progress of technology have caused our natural environment to be continually contaminated. Thus, it causes different blemishes to form on our sensitive skin. Here is a way for youthful living.  Practice only about ten minutes a day.

Master Yu Transcript: The Beauty or “Wisdom Dew” Dharma

Calcium Enrichment
Calcium deficiency leads to many illnesses, for example, high blood pressure, high blood lipid, diabetes, stomach cramps, irregular periods, easily prone to fatigue, insomnia, nausea, headaches and many bon related diseases.

The efficacy of these meditations has been followed by the Chinese Mizong Research Center, with success rates of over 90%.  Results from the Calcium Enrichment Meditation won the Gold Award at the International Association of Integrated Medicine at the University of Southern California on July 26, 1998.

When the mind is free of biases, it is beyond duality, and thus one is renewed and reborn.  So, when our rejuvenating function improves, the food will naturally provide the nutrients, and calcium will naturally nourish our body.

Clear Vision–1000 Hands & 1000 Eyes
Eyes, sight and perception bring to life convenience, and also great pains. Eye problems, such as trachoma, cataract, glaucoma, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, etcetera, have brought a lot of discomfort to the life of many. Since the advent of televisions and computers, many have received a certain degree of devastating bombardment to their eyes. This will eventually bring a catastrophe to people’slives and to technological development. This meditation practice is transmitted for clear vision, and as a Wisdom Eye opener.

Diabetes Self-Healing
These days the numbers of people who suffer from diabetes continues to increase, while at the same time, there are very few true healing methods.

This practice is able to, within a short period of time, control the disease or even enable the body to regenerate health.  Since this practice has been taught to the public, the success rate has been very high, reaching 93.77%.  Of course, there is no cure-all for anything unless the person does something. Here is a way of training the mind to free one’s own self through natural healing.

Self-Healing of Various Illnesses
Health is what everyone craves. Every illness brings great pain and suffering. Everyone craves for a way to be truly free of illness. Hanmi, Chinese Esoteric practice, brings a convenient method based on the Integrated Practice of the Three Mysteries to all health aspirants.

May you be free of pain soon, and be able to help others as well.

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