The Beauty or Wisdom Dew Dharma

Living Buddha Dechan Jueren, November 12, 2000
Translator: Kuo
Transcriber: Jim Stewart
Dari Rulai Temple, Los Angeles, CA

In the process of aging, a person goes through 39 changes in the appearance of their skin. The skin goes through the five stages of life: baby, child, young adult, middle age, and old age. Then there are seven stages of change within each of the five stages of life, plus there are changes in each of the four seasons of life.

How do the wrinkles, spots and blemishes in the skin come about? To make a blemish disappear naturally, first understand the origin, then you can find a solution.

Research in eastern cultures shows that skin changes its texture with age because of our desires and emotions, which results in disharmonies in our physical bodies. Our emotions constantly change from happiness to sorrow, to anger, to depression. These emotions cause imbalance in our internal systems which circulate the chi and blood, causing imbalance in the harmony of our existence. As our chi and blood change under this imbalance, the digestive systems change, so that the internal organs no longer work together as a team.

For example, when a person gets angry, the flow of energy in the pancreas and liver is blocked. As some people get angry, their face becomes red, or pale, because the flow of blood and energy is temporarily blocked. Moments later, when you are no longer angry, the flow of blood continues, but the event has already done some damage. When you are too happy or too sad, your blood circulation will change its speed, and your heart will beat faster. As the blood is rushing, the chi energies rise and the blood rushes to your face which becomes red. After even a short emotional upset, you are not the same, because there has been a fundamental change in your inner systems.

Or, when you are thinking too much and overexerting your brain, you are worrying, you also have emotion bubbling up. Then your blood circulation slows down, and things pile up in the liver waiting to be processed. The Chinese masters call this accumulation of blood and chi in the liver “liver bruise.” This condition causes people to become tired and overstressed, and they appear pale and yellowish and their eyes are sunken. If your eyes are blue, green or black, the energy is piling up because of the blockage.
Because you are experiencing emotions, or trying to suppress emotion, or if you are worried about things, your eyebrows push together and form lines. The liver bruise causes your internal system to heat up, because things cannot flow through easily, and are rubbing together from the stoppage. This overheating in your body will cause a blockage around the middle of your body (in the vicinity of your diaphragm) resulting in the upper and lower body not communicating with one another.

Ancient Chinese medicine talks about the 5 elements. The kidney is the water element and the pancreas is the earth element. Your internal overheating will cause the water to boil in your kidneys. When you are overstressed, your urine will change color.

The earth element, the pancreas, overcomes the water element. Thus the pancreas has the function either to help or to control or suppress the water element, the kidneys. If your diaphragm area is blocked, the water element from the kidneys is unable to rise up. All the elements need to be circulating properly to work in harmony. If the kidney (water element) is not able to rise up to the upper body and circulate well, it will result in symptoms such as headache, ears humming, or eyes unable to focus well. If your eyes are not focusing well, you are unable to pay attention to things around you because your eyes are drying up. The lack of moisture in your eyes causes you to squint to try to focus, which forms wrinkles and at the same the blockage prevents water from circulating well which causes blemishes.
If you want to attain youthful beauty forever, first learn to adjust your inner emotions. Buddha has said that the best way to regain youth is to apply dews or elixirs.

People have used many ways to try to retain their youth. Businesses have developed many kinds of pills, medications, creams to apply to our skins. Many of these products may make the skin look nice, but they do not make you whole inside, so they are a waste of money.

In China, some of the merchants sold cosmetics that were actually damaging to skin. I discovered this and I exposed them. There are some similar damaging products in the USA. Women want to put makeup on, but no matter what the product is like, they seem to think the more expensive the better. This is commercialism, because the businesses are doing market research to figure out how to make the most money. Once you learn this beauty dharma well, you can teach it to others and the business people will be mad at me, because they cannot make money from you any more.

In ancient times in China there were special ways to make a woman look beautiful. When I came to the US, I saw advertised in the Chinese newspaper, “beauty secrets from the ancient royal court,” but they are fake. The secrets have only been taught to a few people. The reality is not cheap, it costs a lot of money to get the ingredients together. In the old day, no one dared to teach these secrets because they were only for the royal court. The laws of those days were strict, if you revealed the secrets you would face execution.

Those real beauty products of ancient China turned every one of the royal court women into beauties. In the Ching dynasty there was a famous Empress Tse-chi who oversaw the court. She was 79 when she died. About 67 years later, during a civil war in about 1900, one of the warlords found the tombs of the Empress and asked who was buried there. The warlord discovered there was a corridor that went into her tomb, inlaid with diamonds and pearls, and every kind of jewel imaginable was there. But all the jewels did not interest the warlord, he was most interested when they opened the coffin, and he saw the corpse of Empress Tse-chi 146 years after her birth. He saw her skin was still soft and beautiful.

The ancient Chinese discovered how to apply the dews, or elixirs of life. They found the best dew is the milk from humans. Over 3000 years ago, they discovered that human milk is the best thing to nourish skin. The Empress Tse-chi could order women to produce milk for her to bathe in. (But, if that is not available, then any milk will do.)

They also added to her bath 54 different kinds of herbs ground in a powder form. One powder is from pearls. I saw some of this in China and the USA. The pearl powder is good, especially when you have a cut, it will close the wound and heal the scars quickly. However, pearl powder is just one ingredient you need. If you apply only pearl powder to your face, it will cause the skin to close up the blemishes and seal them in. Most people don’t realize all these side effects and so businesses make money selling pearl powder.

Our wrinkles and blemishes are also caused by the environment, as the four seasons change. Sunshine, rain, winds all cause our skin cells to change. You need to have your skin be very soft. You want your circulation to flow well, with your muscles relaxed and your pores breathe better. Your chi and blood need to circulate and you need to have your inner system work in harmony.
The beauty dharma I will teach you is really the elixir dharma, using the dews to wash and cleanse your face and body. It will take only 10 minutes a day to have a fundamental change in your skin and change your appearance.

Your face is the representation of how healthy are your inner organs. The face reveals your emotions, happy or sad. If you are too happy, you will hurt your heart; if you are overly sad, it will harm your liver; if overly sorrowfull, you will harm your pancreas; if you are obsessed thinking about something, you will harm your kidneys. If all your internal organs are under stress, it will cause a blockage of circulation.

A person’s emotions all show on your face. Every time, you have emotion, it will leave a trace on your face. Your facial wrinkles and blemishes are all accumulations of traces of emotions. There is an old Chinese saying, “A face that has lived through many times of wind, rain, and sun.” When you look at a person’s face you understand what this person has gone through in his life. This is the origination of Chinese art of reading faces.

Buddha’s smooth skin comes from an emotional balance that lets the best of him to come out. He is not biased to the right or wrong, he stays on the middle path. He still experiences emotion, but he never become overjoyed or over saddened. He does not get very angry and harm his liver. When he has free time, he is not occupied worrying about trivial things. He is at peace so he does not harm his pancreas. His heart is neither in a state of joy or of sadness.

Therefore the pancreas, kidneys and liver all function together in harmony. The kidney has to nurture the pancreas, just as water nurtures the earth and it becomes fertile and you can grow vegetation much better. The human body’s earth is the pancreas. Everything is formed from the earth and will return to the earth. When your pancreas, stomach and kidneys are very healthy, you will live a long life.

If your liver and gall bladder work well with one another, then you will have better digestion. Then you will nurture your intestines better, and your intestines will be soft and flexible, and your digestive systems will work very well.

In the Eastern cultures, they relate different organs to various bodily systems. For example, the liver is related to the tendons. The kidneys are related to the bones, the pancreas and stomach are connected to the four limbs (arms and legs). As long as your liver, pancreas, and kidneys work together, everything will function in harmony and you will naturally have good health.

We have to understand this before we begin the dharma, because when you really understand the reasoning, you will begin to take action to change yourself.

In the Buddhist tradition, the beauty dharma is called the “Wisdom Dew Dharma.” Through practicing it, all the blemishes on your face will gradually disappear and you will regain your youth. In Beijing, my disciples nicknamed it the “Beauty Dharma.”

If you practice this dharma every day for 15 days, you will probably not need any more makeup, because you will show your natural beauty. A real man likes woman with natural beauty. Of course, a real woman likes a man with natural handsomeness.


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